Pam Newby - started paddling in 1995

Dragon boat involvement
  • 1995 to 2000 inaugural member & first secretary of Paddlesnappers Club
  • 1996 - International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) accredited coach and helm
  • 1996 to 2000 committee member of SADBA
  • 1996 to 2004 - corporate teams for Cape Town Internationals & Leagues
  • 1996-2012 WCDBA Sweep and Safety Officer
  • 1997 to present - coached SA team for 2nd IDBF World Championships in Hong Kong
  • 1998 coached the corporate team of Safmarine into the club Safdragons (now called Mujaji).
  • 1999 coached the corporate team of I&J into the club I&J Dragon's Pursuit.
  • 1999 Passed IDBF Race Official's Exam
  • 2000 joined Safdragons (now called "Mujaji")
  • 2003 DSK founder and coach, entered as SA junior team for Poznan Worlds.
  • 2004 Technical Director for the Club Crew World Championship in Cape Town
  • 2005 Race Official at the 5th World Championship, Berlin
  • 2005 South African represenative at the IDBF Council meeting in Berlin
  • 2005 DSK and Dragon's Pursuit coach
  • 2005-6 Mujaji coach
  • 2005-9 SADBA Vice President
  • 2005-6 WCDBA Chair
  • 2006-9 IDBF representative for Southern Africa
  • 2006 V&A Dragon Flyers founder coach
  • 2006-8 Amabele Belles founder and coach
  • 2006 competed as a paddler at the Taipei (Taiwan) and Miluo (China) Internationals
  • 2006 attended as coach of the SA team at the 1st BDS World Championship in Singapore
  • 2007 competed as a paddler in a multinational team in China 4-city Dragon Boat Festivals
              Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Shauguan, Guangzhou
  • 2008 paddled the Venetian Vongalonga with the Typhoon Tigers of London
  • 2009 Cape Grace founder coach
  • currently just paddling! (and still WCDBA Sweep & Safety Officer

South African helm at World Championships

  • 1997 Hong Kong
  • 1999 Nottingham
  • 2002 Rome
  • 2003 Poznan, Poland
  • 2004 Cape Town
  • 2006 1st BCS World Championship in Singapore (80/20% division)
International Race helm
  • 1997 Macau Dragon Boat International
  • 1996-2003 Cape Town Dragon Boat Internationals
  • 2000 Dabao Yan Huang Cup, China ( Beijing, HuangZhou and Xiamen)
  • 2006 Milou and Nanning Internationals (China)
  • 2007 Shauguan Dragon Boat Festival

Also helmed for

  • Australian Premier Open at Hong Kong International 1997
  • for the winning NYFD-Queensland crew at the World Firefighters Games in Durban 1998
  • Australian Dragons Abreast at the Club Crew World Champs in Rome 2002
  • Poland Girls team at Berlin World Champs 2005 (won silver)
  • USA and Singapore at the Nanning International 2006
  • and for Italy, Germany and Sweden at various Cape Town internationals

SA Team Coach for

  • 2003 World Championships, Poznan, Poland
  • 2006 BCS World Championships, Singapore

have also participated in several Chinese Festival Regattas in Gauteng; as stroke paddler for I&J Dragons Pursuit and corporates' sweep at Florida Lake in 2002; as sweep (helm) for DSK and Safdragons at the Emerald Casino Regatta in 2003; for Paddlesnappers at Wemmer Pan in 2004; and for DSK at Florida Lake in 2005.

webmaster and sponsor of since 1997

With the SA Juniors in Poland

British Somaliland (Northern Somalia)
18th November - never mind which year
Grew up:
England, Tanganyika, England, Malawi,
England, New Zealand, South Africa (Natal)
Current occupation:
web master and computer literacy teacher
Previous occupation:
5 years lecturing Zoology at university
9 years teaching matric Biology & Head of Department
Academic qualifications
B.Sc., Hons., M.Sc. (Zoology)   (Natal)
My Masters thesis was on cavernicolous
microchiropteran behaviour & reproduction.